Hello Everyone

It’s pleasing so see new festivals, musters etc. cropping up over the country and it’s a testament to the popularity of our style of country music and a particularly pleasing way of life for those fortunate enough to be able to travel around and be a part of them.  These events take us all over the country and sometimes we have found ourselves driving from one state to another and back again in a very short time.  Whilst we love being out on the road and intend to continue doing so, Peter and I have cut back on some of these trips as we have so many new projects in mind and are always running out of time.  As the song says ‘one lifetime is not enough’ but we’re going to pack in as much as we can while we can.

We all know that time goes by so fast but I was surprised to see it’s a few years since Peter and I were last in Tasmania so we are looking forward to our trip there with Keith Jamieson, Alisha Smith and  Caitlyn Jane in July and hope to catch up with friends there we haven’t seen for a while.

We had a very successful tour run in March to Victoria and South Australia with Anne Kirkpatrick and her son, James Arneman, showcasing our ‘Daughters of Country’ show with one show in particular equalling Troy Cassar-Daley’s audience so pretty pleased about that one. We’re looking at being in New South Wales with the show in July/August.

Our radio program ‘The Australian Bush Ballad Show’ is going well with three stations in New Zealand now listening to our Aussie bush ballads and discovering our bush ballad artists.  The show streams live on the net every Saturday 5-6pm and Tuesday 8-9pm (NSW time) onwww.todayscountry94one.com. Our good mate and producer ‘Bluey’ Dent has now hit the road with wife, Alexis, to travel round Australia for a couple of years so keep an eye out for them on your travels (his name is on the back of the van) and be sure to say hi if you see them.

August will see us at the Mildura Country Music Festival and we are particularly pleased to be back there as, due to circumstances, last year we had to turn around and return home  whilst on our way to the festival.

Recently at the Terara Campout NSW we caught up with the Coad Family, always great to catch up and to be on the same show and the two Peters took the ‘twins’ out for jam together.

We have finally completed a new little cd project called ‘Time For Friends’.  On our travels, so often we would love to stop and stay with friends or new people we meet but time just doesn’t always allow that luxury.  So, this cd is just like a chat sitting around the kitchen table together talking about our music, our lives and our future plans etc.

Best wishes, til we meet up again,

From our family to yours,

Dianne Lindsay and Peter Simpson